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Important Dates


Fall 2019 Soccer

Pictures packages can be picked up

by the coach 

of each team, starting November 9, 2019



Thank you to all teams dropping off Birth Day Cards for 

James South, Watauga, Texas - turning 100 on October 7

“To go to a store in town and pick out a card and send it to me, 
             that’s almost more than I can handle, I’ll tell ya,”      South said



You may mail in your registration(s), payment - please include the signed concussion fact sheet (page 5 - one per family) & if new  player, age verification (copy of birth certificate)  

P.O. Box 10028
Palm Desert, CA 92255

Palm Desert Soccer

Founded in 1985 and operating ever since in Palm Desert, CA, Palm Desert Soccer is a youth recreational and competitive soccer club
affiliated with California Youth Soccer Association-South. We serve over 1,000 players and offer programs for players of all skill levels and interest.

Robert Richardson

Phone: 760-831-5668

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Palm Desert Soccer Club  
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